The Future of Real Estate Investing: Crowdfunding

Real estate developers ("sponsors") apply for project funding
Sharestates underwrites the loan using a 34-point risk assessment system
Investors can view approved loans online and invest in increments of $1,000
Real estate developers receive the capital to purchase/renovate the property

Investors get paid on a monthly basis, starting immediately after closing

Net annual returns starting at 10%*
Over $275 million funded
The most secure position in the Capital Stack.*
*All offered investments bear expected annual returns of 10% or greater. Over 90% of funded Sharestates investments are classified as Senior Debt. Historical returns may not reflect actual future performance and any investor on Sharestates may experience different results fro those shown. S&P 500 data source: NAREIT data source FTSE NAREIT US Real Estate Index Series, April 2016. NASDAQ data source:

Sharestates makes raising capital simple.

Sharestates is the fastest growing real estate crowdfunding platform in the country and has funded over 500 loans since 2015. We work with brokers, borrowers, and real estate professionals in all major MSAs. *All brokers and referrals are protected.

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